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Ideas to execution

Welcome to Discovero - a fresh approach to freelancing in a new world.

A fresh approach

Our team have years of experience in developing niche tech ideas into successful businesses. Learn more about our journey and plans.

Like many people around the world, we watched in amazement as the global threat of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) transformed the way that we live and work. But in the midst of these difficult changes, we found inspiration, born out of a desire to help those struggling to stay afloat.

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We love a challenge

At Discovero, we are a team of business professionals and Tech Entrepreneurs with years of experience in developing innovative solutions to 21st century problems. And so, we decided to use our skills to create a new market for freelancers looking to work from home in these challenging times.


More than just a boring marketplace

As more and more people turn to freelancing in the weeks and months to come, we’ve created a platform that will turn the entire industry on its head. Now, rather than wade through countless job boards and marketplaces, clients can simply visit Discovero and find a specialist site to suit their needs. So whether you’re an employer looking to find a freelance Accountant or a freelance beauty therapist searching for work, we’ll connect you with the right people.

We’ve only just started!

Over the coming weeks (and months), we’ll be adding new markets to our site - so watch this space to see how Discovero develops. As the world around us changes, we’re ready to make the most of the opportunities that arise.